Woman warns neighbours ‘there will be no Christmas this year’ after her new TV is stolen

The outraged resident left people in stitches after she shared the note’s contents, where she warned her neighbours that she would ‘steal every package, mat and trash can’ in retaliation

One woman joked ‘violence is the answer’ after her chilling note to neighbours prompted a remorseful thief to return her TV to her.

Twitter user Liz left people in hysterics after she shared the note she posted in her block of flats after her new television didn’t arrive.

Within 24 hours, she found the TV outside her door – after her jokey threat clearly prompted action.

Liz went viral online after she shared the written note, adding, “So it begins.”

The note said: “To the person who stole my TV.

“Bring it back and all will be forgiven. Otherwise, there will be no Christmas in this building.

“I will steal every single package. I will steal every mat and every trash can. I will engage in warfare until the day I move out. It’s up to you, you broke bitch. you have 24 HOURS.”

One person commented: “Mama didn’t come to play; you better respect her and her things..”

Another joked: “Okay, so here’s a real war on Christmas. Wow.”

A third added: “As she should but I would hate to be in that apartment knowing I didn’t steal none.”

One person admitted: “Glad she got her TV back, but I really would’ve loved to see this unfold on Twitter lol.”

Happily, Liz posted a photo of her TV the next day, which had been left outside her front door.

She joked: “Good morning. As you begin your day, remember that violence is always an option and often the answer.”

People were left in stitches, as one joked: “Nah. This was hilarious but effective.”

“Glad they made the right choice not to ruin Christmas for everyone.,” added another.

A third wrote: “I never forget when I worked retail someone ate my lunch ( had my name on it ) so I threw away everything in the fridge and freezer. It never happened again.”