Police officers return to patrol car and find surprise note stuck to window

Police were out on Mischief Night, the evening before Halloween, where wrongdoers engage in pranks and vandalism, and the officers returned to find a note stuck to their car

Police officers who were out reassuring the public over the Halloween weekend were shocked when they returned to their patrol car and found a sweet note stuck to their window.

The officers were patrolling on Mischief Night, the evening before Halloween, and wanted to make sure people felt safe on the night that’s known for wrongdoers engaging in pranks and vandalism.

The night looked set to take a turn for the worse when they returned to their car and they found a note had been stuck to the side window, as the Liverpool Echo reports.

But they soon realised it was a letter of thanks, as one resident had penned the sweet note – saying they felt safer knowing the police were around.

The message was written on a piece of paper and said: “I live at number (removed) and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your presence.”

Posting a picture of the note to Facebook, officers also outlined what they had been doing through the night,

A spokesperson said: “A couple of our special constabulary colleagues saying hello to our mounted officers and a lovely note of thanks from one of our residents.

“Thankfully the majority of people are enjoying the Halloween weekend responsibly.”

According to the post, officers only had to deal with one incident of antisocial behaviour.

They added: “We have just had to speak to a small group in Ormskirk town centre about their behaviour but they are now on their way home as I think it was past their bedtime.”

Earlier in the night, officers posted advice to parents, saying: “Do you know where your child is tonight?

“We’d like to appeal to parents – do you know where your children are?

“With the message to stay safe and enjoy Halloween responsibly.

“The consequences of antisocial behaviour and criminality can have a lasting impact on a young person’s life and on those affected by their actions.”